Head Scratching Time

Usually by this time of the season, a team knows what they have….what their identity is, and as of right now at almost the end of August, I really have no clue what this team’s identity is.  Are they a good hitting team?  Are they a good pitching team?  Strong bullpen?  The answer to all […]

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Boogie-down show down! 

This weekend (to me) feels like an early 2000s match up with the Yankees, and thank goodness! I miss the days when both teams were at the top of the division and August baseball actually MEANT something! Are either of these teams the best in the AL? I don’t think so. Cleveland is the best […]

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I live in Western NY so I’m not as plugged in to the local Red Sox scene as some of you folks, but from my own observations, we are pretty freaking good!  I know, captain obvious right?  Our pitching is not as bad as people make it out to be.  Sale is consistently dominant.  Price […]

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7/10-All Star Break

Okay, so the all star game is here and again it’s time for me to hop on my soapbox and hate on the whole all star game in general. I know I’m not alone, but aside from the Home Run Derby….does ANYONE even watch the game itself?  I mean the ENTIRE game from start to […]

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